Sober Companion





Providing support, encouragement, and guidance

to individuals and families

A sober companion of Drew Horowitz & Associates provides an individualized, interdisciplinary, non-traditional addiction treatment in your environment, outside the walls of an inpatient treatment center. Our sober companions are trained and educated to assist individuals in early recovery.

If you are returning home from treatment or you are not able to leave your current home to enter a residential treatment program, we are happy to assist. We provide daily treatment in the comfort of your own home. We do this by using evidenced based addiction treatment theories, approaches, and interventions. The combination of 24-hour supervision with individual treatment produces positive outcomes.

One of our sober companions will confidentially and discreetly guide, support and mentor clients who are in our program. We work to help clients maintain sobriety, live happy, meaningful lives despite life’s difficulties. Sober companions typically live with clients full-time for a period of 1-4 weeks, but that can be adjusted based on our client’s needs. From attending support meetings, returning to school or work, and/or establishing healthy daily habits and routines, a sober companion is always focused on the client’s best interests. Our goal is to help our clients find and sustain recovery.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2015), 40-60% of people relapse within a few weeks of leaving a residential treatment center. This is an alarming statistic and requires important attention. Many people move on to day treatment or outpatient in an attempt to maintain sobriety post inpatient. However, we find many gaps in our system. If you’re fearful of relapsing once you go home, know that you are not alone. It’s a valid and real concern. Thankfully, there are safeguards you and your family can take to lower the likelihood of relapse.

We take a very personal approach in the post-treatment care of our clients. The first step is to review the treatment plan that was used during the residential stay. We look to continue the treatment plan and work towards completion of the treatment plans objectives.  Based on our review of the initial treatment plan, we can work with clients to determine next steps and new goals. We try to remove gaps in your care to ensure that growth continues upon discharge from residential.

Recovering from an addictive disorder involves more than just detox or a short stay in a treatment program. Recovery is a journey of self-exploration that takes months. Going home is a big adjustment that comes with the responsibility of making major changes in life.

A sober companion from Drew Horowitz & Associates may be the difference in your life, please let us help.