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For families and individuals struggling with chemical dependency and mental health concerns, stress and uncertainty is always present.

With the current climate in the US, it is harder than ever to make order of chaos caused by addiction and untreated mental health. Our team of licensed professionals is here to help. We are remaining open and available to talk, via phone, Skype, or meet in person to help you and your family and your loved one get help. Please call us today, day or night at (800) 731-0854.

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    For families and individuals struggling with chemical dependency and mental health concerns, stress and uncertainty is always present. 

    Drew Horowitz & Associates will help your loved one heal from addiction and restore them to a healthy, happy, and successful life in long-term recovery. We’ll treat your loved one with compassion and respect while building their self-esteem and helping them understand their own value.

    People who struggle with addictions aren’t bad people that need to become good, they are hurting people who need to find healing. Drew Horowitz & Associates will help break down the walls and build solid foundations on which long-term recovery can begin.

    How We Help

    Each individual is unique. We thoroughly assess each situation and create a solid plan with evidence-based solutions. We carry out each individual plan with compassion to bring your loved ones to a place of complete healing in recovery.


    An intervention gathers your family and friends together to help your loved understand their addiction and get the help they need.

    Group Therapy interventions Minnesota, Minneapolis, St Paul

    Sober Coaching

    We provide a comprehensive Sober Coaching Program that assists individuals with growth and success.

    Group Therapy interventions Minnesota, Minneapolis, St Paul

    Treatment Consultants

    Choosing an addiction treatment center can be a nearly impossible task. It typically must be done quickly and under intense pressure.

    Group Therapy interventions Minnesota, Minneapolis, St Paul

    Chemical Assessment

    At Drew Horowitz & Associates, the most common question we answer is regarding whether an individual has an addiction that requires treatment.

    Group Therapy interventions Minnesota, Minneapolis, St Paul

    Clinical Transport

    Once your loved one makes the decision to go to treatment, a clinical transport specialist from Drew Horowitz & Associates will accompany them to the treatment center ensuring their safe arrival.

    Group Therapy interventions Minnesota, Minneapolis, St Paul

    Sober Companion

    On occasion, an individual may not be able to enter treatment right away. For example, the best treatment center may not have an open bed that’s immediately available, or travel arrangements may need to be made.

    Group Therapy interventions Minnesota, Minneapolis, St Paul
    Drew Horowitz – Intervention Specialist Minnesota, Minneapolis, St Paul

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Knowing when it is the right time, is something so personal to you, your heart, and your family. When is enough, enough? What do you want your relationships to look like? Are you worried for your loved one’s safety? Are things progressing too quickly with their illness? Do you feel out of options? 

    The right time to intervene is when you want to offer a better way of life for your loved one. It really is about your relationship with the individual struggling and what you want your relationship with them to look and feel like. Working with an interventionist can offer you support, guidance, and provide navigation through a difficult and confusing time. It is extremely personal to know, when you feel the need for outside help. If you have done everything you can think of or feel like you are out of options, please know, you are not. Intervention may be a solution to get your loved one the help they need – quickly and efficiently.

    Our team of sober coaches are based in St. Paul, MN. If you live outside of the twin cities or in another state, please call us. We may be able to connect you with a coach or a trusted partner of ours in your area. We have connections to programs and professionals nationwide. 

    The best way to start is to pick up the phone and call us today at (800) 731-0854. We offer complimentary consultations to any family interested in learning more about what we do and the care options that are available to their loved one. 

    At Drew Horowitz & Associates, a sober coach is your personal liaison and dedicated clinical partner. Their focus is to walk side by side during your early recovery as a friend and partner. The purpose of a coach is not to replace IOP or therapy, but to help enhance your aftercare plan (post treatment) and make sure that the clients we help stay on track – even when things are going good. This can be a common pitfall in early recovery or for those who struggle with relapse. When things improve, people tend to lessen their appointments and recovery commitments – human nature! When you have a sober coach, it is similar to an insurance policy. It’s an outside resource to help hold you accountable and keep you safe. Our goal is to help our clients learn to live life on life’s terms. We are here for the good, the tough, and the downright difficult. We will help keep on track when life happens, because it will. Our service is best implemented post residential treatment, with a 90 or 120 day commitment. The coaching schedule is personalized to your needs, all clients will receive; hours of face time per week (in home, community, or office – your choice), electronic communication daily, crisis/24/7 support available, access to group sober activities. Additional services may include; toxicology screening (if needed), wellness activities (yoga, acupuncture, personal training), sober fun, family support and involvement, vocational goals/planning, lifeskills, and anything else that will enhance someone’s recovery journey. We will work around your work, lifestyle, and commitments outside of recovery. We are here to support you and let you know you do not have to walk this alone.

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