How We Help: Addiction Recovery Services

Addiction Recovery Services

Each individual is unique. We provide professional addiction recovery services by thoroughly assessing each situation and creating solid plans with evidence-based solutions. We carry out each individual plan with compassion to bring your loved ones to a place of complete healing in long-term recovery.



An Intervention gathers family and friends together to help your loved understand their addiction and get help.

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Case Management

Case Management

Case Management helps you create a plan of action for your loved one’s recovery and helps you carry out that plan.

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A Treatment Consultant will help you select programs that fit your treatment needs and are within your health plan.

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Chemical Assessment

Chemical Assessment

A Chemical Assessment is a diagnostic evaluation that determines the need for mental health or addiction treatment.

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Sober Transport

Sober Transport

Our Clinical Transport service provides a clinician to transport your loved one to an addiction treatment center.

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Sober Companion

Sober Companion

A Sober Companion is a clinician who provides one-on-one treatment services and sober support 24 hours a day.

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