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At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we understand that the journey to addiction recovery isn’t always easy or straightforward. Our sober coaches offer personalized support to help you navigate life’s challenges while maintaining sobriety. Whether you’re struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, or both, our team can guide you toward a sober and fulfilling life.

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    What is a Sober Coach?

    A sober coach is a trained professional who assists individuals on their recovery journey, offering support, guidance, and accountability. They are not just counselors; they are mentors, advocates, and cheerleaders for their clients.

    A professional sober coach helps individuals apply the skills learned in treatment to real-life situations. This provides a bridge between structured treatment and the open-ended nature of daily life. This essential support helps prevent relapse and ensures a smooth transition into a sober lifestyle.

    For clients looking for more intensive support, we may recommend our Florida sober companion program. This recovery program pairs the individual with an addiction professional who accompanies and supports the person in all aspects of their daily life.

    Our Approach

    The Drew Horowitz & Associates approach is compassionate, personalized, and holistic. We recognize that each individual’s path to recovery is unique. For this reason, our sober coaching program in South Florida is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We focus on building a trusting coaching relationship, where our clients feel valued, understood, and motivated.

    Our coaches are highly trained and experienced. They offer practical solutions and emotional support to navigate the challenges of mental health and drug or alcohol recovery.

    Our Coaching Services Include

    Our sober coaches in Palm Beach County provide:

    Personalized Support

    We create tailored strategies to meet your individual needs and goals.

    Skill Development

    We help teach and reinforce essential life skills. Additionally, we offer effective coping techniques for maintaining sobriety.

    Goal Setting

    We assist you in setting and achieving realistic, personal, and professional goals.

    Relapse Prevention Planning

    Our sober coaches help you develop robust strategies to identify and manage triggers.

    24/7 Availability

    We ensure you have constant support and guidance, whenever you need it.

    Community Integration

    We help you connect and engage with supportive communities in the South Florida area.


    We encourage responsibility for one’s actions and smart decisions on the journey to sobriety.

    Do I Need a Sober Coach?

    If you find yourself struggling to maintain sobriety, feeling overwhelmed by daily stresses, or lacking a support network, a sober coach could be a valuable asset.

    They are particularly helpful for individuals transitioning from rehab to everyday life who want to avoid relapse or mental health crises. Whether you’re in the early stages of recovery or well along your journey, our sober coaching services in Palm Beach County offer the support and structure you need during the recovery process.

    Understanding Relapse Prevention

    Relapse prevention is a critical aspect of long-term recovery. At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we emphasize the importance of recognizing potential triggers, developing healthy coping mechanisms, and creating a sustainable lifestyle that supports sobriety.

    Our sober coaches work closely with clients to identify areas of vulnerability. Then, we help them develop individualized strategies to address these challenges. We understand that relapse prevention is not just about avoiding substance use; it’s also about building a fulfilling, balanced life. Our coaches provide the tools and support needed for enduring success in recovery.

    Find a Reliable Sober Coach in South Florida

    Drew Horowitz & Associates is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a sober, healthy, and fulfilling life. Our sober coach services in Palm Beach, Florida, are designed to offer compassionate, personalized support for individuals on the path to recovery.

    Call (800) 731-0854 to learn more about our sober coaching services.

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