Certified Florida Sober Companions

Navigating addiction recovery and mental health concerns can be a solitary and overwhelming journey, but it doesn’t have to be. A sober companion provides individuals with a unique blend of support, guidance, and companionship.

These companions can help those who aren’t able to enter a traditional treatment facility. They can also be a valuable resource for treatment graduates looking for ongoing support.

Drew Horowitz & Associates is proud to facilitate a compassionate and effective sober companion program in Palm Beach County. Our companions are available around the clock. They help you rebuild crucial life skills and offer support and encouragement on the journey to recovery. The ultimate goal is to foster a supportive environment that helps you make a full return to a fulfilling life.

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    What is a Sober Companion?

    A sober companion is a specialist who provides one-on-one support to individuals in recovery from addiction or mental health challenges. This support is continuous, available 24 hours a day, and tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

    Sober companions are particularly valuable for those who, for various reasons, cannot enter a traditional treatment center. In these situations, a sober companion offers a viable, effective alternative. It also ensures you don’t have to face the challenging journey to recovery alone.

    How Does it Work?

    Upon completion of substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment, the transition back to daily life can be daunting. This is where our Palm Beach County sober companions come in. They either live with you or are on-call 24/7, providing a safety net during this vulnerable phase.

    They may:

    • Help you remove potential triggers from your home
    • Accompany you in public places to help resist temptations
    • Offer guidance and support through challenging moments

    Our sober companion program offers three different levels of support.

    • In-house Companion: Lives with the individual, offering constant support and intervention.
    • On-call Companion: Available 24/7 but does not live with the individual.
    • Escort Companion: Accompanies the person to specific events, offering support in potentially triggering environments.

    How Does a Sober Companion Help?

    The sober companions at Drew Horowitz & Associates help in many different ways.

    Preventing Relapses

    Sober companions understand the complexities of addiction and are trained to identify and prevent relapse triggers. They maintain a safe environment and offer immediate support during high-risk situations. At the end of the day, their most important goal is to help you reach long-term recovery.

    Mastering the Basics of Life

    Many individuals with a substance use disorder or mental illness haven’t had the chance to develop essential life skills. Sober companions help you relearn or strengthen these skills and foster confidence. For example, a sober companion in Florida can help you manage finances, maintain personal hygiene, cook, and shop for groceries.

    Providing Companionship

    Prolonged isolation can trigger a relapse or a decline in your mental health. The sober companion offers not just a professional support system but also companionship. They provide a listening ear, join you in social activities, and offer steady support. This helps lessen feelings of loneliness and aids in a healthy return to social life.

    For anyone facing the challenges of addiction or mental illness, a sober companion can be a vital lifeline. They offer not just professional support but a partnership on the journey towards a healthy, sober life.

    Companionship Length

    The duration of companionship will vary based on your needs and recovery progress. Some individuals may require a few weeks of support, while others might benefit from months or even longer. The goal is to provide enough support to ensure a successful and sustained recovery.

    Seeking More Advanced Treatment

    Drew Horowitz & Associates recognizes that each person’s journey is unique and requires different levels of support. While sober companions are an excellent source of support, they are just one part of a broader continuum of care.

    Therefore, they also offer options for more advanced treatment, including chemical assessments and residential substance abuse treatment programs. These are recommended based on the individual’s progress and specific needs.

    Find a Sober Companion in Palm Beach County

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    If you’re in Palm Beach County or a neighboring area, our personalized assistance is just a phone call away. Don’t let another day go by without the support you deserve. Call (800) 731-0854 to learn more about our Florida sober companion program.

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