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At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we recognize that the family’s recovery is as important as the recovery from addiction. The goal of our Minneapolis professional interventions is to help your family reset expectations and find an approach that will help both the family and the person struggling with a drug and alcohol abuse issue or other addictive disorder.

How Does the Intervention Process Work?

Drew Horowitz & Associates is home to addiction intervention and mental health professionals, ready to assist your family in helping your loved one understand their addiction and seek long-term help at a proper treatment center.

An intervention in Minneapolis is structured in a way for your family to receive closure. We’ll work with you throughout the entire process leading up to the intervention, as well as family recovery coaching afterward. The face-to-face interaction at the actual intervention is only a small portion of the services we provide.

What is the Role of an Intervention Specialist?

The professionals at Drew Horowitz & Associates understand that every individual has a different story about their addiction. We provide services that are directed at long-term recovery through thorough assessments and evidence-based strategies.

The role of an interventionist is not to simply get the individual to agree to treatment, we want them to agree to receive help, as well as help the family heal. We are there to build a roadmap to full recovery for all involved and to better understand why the user behaves the way they do.

Along with bringing your family together, we also help you find the correct treatment plan that fit your needs and health plans.

Drew Horowitz is an incredibly skilled interventionist. In recent years, 85% of his interventions resulted in the clients going to treatment that same day. If someone you love is in need of professional help, contact us ASAP to learn more about how we can help.

What Does the Intervention Process Look Like?

After you make your initial consultation request, we will discuss with you how exactly we can help your loved one beat their alcohol or drug addiction. We will work with you to identify the behaviors of the user and each individual family member and how they coexist with the addiction.

The next step would be to assess and schedule the intervention. Every detail of the actual intervention is planned out and thoroughly discussed–from where everyone will sit to the order of who will speak, and who will respond if the addict tries to leave.

Once we have an intervention scheduled and family members agree to participate, we educate the entire family and loved ones about addiction and how their own behavior allows the user to continue with their addiction. Our intervention specialists will introduce you to strategies to help you break the habit and help your loved one recover.

Then, the actual intervention takes place. The professionals at Drew Horowitz & Associates will act as the facilitator and director of the intervention. We are there to help you through this process and to keep the momentum moving forward no matter the reaction of the individual we’re hoping to help.

Whether the individual agrees to get help or declines, our intervention specialists in Minneapolis will have built a plan for your family’s recovery. If your loved one does accept help, our team can help transport them to a specific treatment center agreed upon by the family and interventionist.

If they choose to decline help, your family will explain the boundaries being set and the consequences of their actions and future behavior. We will assist your family through this process and continue working with you on your recovery.

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