Interventions: Interrupting the Cycle of Addiction

Q: How do you help someone who doesn’t know they’re struggling with an addiction?
A: Host an Intervention.

An intervention gathers family and friends together to help your loved understand their addiction. An intervention is designed to motivate an individual to seek help for alcohol or substance dependency, eating, gambling, cutting, or other addictive disorders. A treatment program is selected prior to holding the intervention so that your loved one can receive immediate help when they accept it. The treatment program will address addiction issues and identify underlying mental disorders that may be contributing to, or causing addictive behaviors.

An intervention interrupts the destructive downward spiral of addiction.

Drew Horowitz is a skilled interventionist. Over the past 10 years, Drew has led over 500 interventions. In 2018 alone, 82% of his interventions resulted in clients going to treatment that same day. A remaining 12% of clients went to treatment within two weeks.

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    Is it Time for an Intervention?

    Drew Horowitz Speaks to Hazelden About Intervention

    Anyone who’s watched as alcohol or other drugs take over a family member’s life understands the dilemma: would an intervention help to turn things around, or might it make matters worse? Listen in as addiction clinician and intervention specialist Drew Horowitz talks with host William C. Moyers about the intervention process—what happens, who is typically involved, when to take action, how to prepare and what you need to know about treatment and recovery.

    Our approach is different, our outcomes are different.

    Our intervention will prepare your family to support your loved one as they seek long-term recovery. We are not just your interventionist, we are also your treatment case manager. We will walk this journey with you and your loved one, every step of the way.

    When we perform an intervention, we carry it out with compassion and understanding. We help you convey the love and hope you have for your loved one. We address the pain your loved one experiences in their addiction and offer definitive solutions to resolve their suffering. We will also help your loved one understand the dangers of their addiction as well as the expected outcomes if they refuse to accept your help.

    In 2018, over 67,000 people died from drug overdoses and another 88,000 people died of alcohol-related causes.

    The death toll from addiction is staggering. Statistically speaking, every drink or drug that we put into our bodies increases our risk of death by incredible numbers. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, get help now. There is help not just for addiction, but for the emotional and physical pain that creates that drive to keep drinking and using.

    Life gets so much better when we find help and healing for our pain. When we enter recovery, we find a new life that is better than ever before. Don’t spend another minute in the agony of addiction. Get help right now. We’re available 24/7 to take your call, text, email or chat.

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