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If you have a family member struggling with alcohol addiction, it may be time to consider contacting a clinically trained interventionist to help the user enter the proper treatment program.

Drew Horowitz & Associates also understand that the user is not the only member of the family and friends who are struggling. Our team of experts knows everyone surrounding the user goes through as much, if not more, heartache.

When you believe it’s time to stage an intervention for alcohol abuse, contact Drew Horowitz & Associates. We’ll help your loved one realize they need addiction treatment services and lead a successful intervention.

Intervention for Alcoholics

According to many studies, more than 50% of adults in the United States report drinking alcohol, with close to 10% reporting having an alcohol use disorder–many professionals believe that number to be higher.

Many adults can reduce their drinking without formal treatment at a treatment center or through support groups. But, for some, additional help is necessary. This is when family and friends can step in and stage an intervention with the help of an expert and convince the person they have a real problem and need clinically trained help.

The drug and alcohol intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates are ready to help your loved one start their long-term recovery process.

How Does an Alcohol Intervention Work?

Before the intervention occurs, we will work with you to plan around the specific needs of the addict. The more information we have about the user and their alcohol use, the better the chances of staging a successful intervention.

The actual intervention can be emotionally-charging and a dramatic affair depending on the user’s reaction. Our team will work with you on appropriate ways of handling dramatic situations and strategize as to who will follow the user if they choose to walk away from the intervention.

During the intervention, family and friends will have the opportunity to openly speak to their loved ones to help them accept their problem and to make the appropriate changes before their problem gets worse.

The intervention also provides friends and family members with the ability to offer examples of how their alcoholism has affected them and to share their concerns. And, for consequences to be laid out if the user does not choose to accept the treatment plan being offered.

After each member taking part in the intervention has taken their turn speaking, the subject of the intervention will be presented with detailed suggestions for a treatment plan. If the substance abuser chooses not to accept treatment, it’s important for everyone involved to stick with the consequences presented. This action may help them realize the severity of their struggles and encourage the individual who is struggling to seek treatment at a later date.

Short and Long-Term Benefits of Alcohol Intervention

Choosing to stage an alcohol intervention can be a transformative step towards reclaiming a healthier, happier life for your loved one. In the short term, it provides a structured opportunity for family and friends to express their concerns, laying bare the impact that alcohol abuse has on everyone involved. This process can be emotionally charged, but it often serves as a powerful catalyst for change.

In the long term, the benefits are profound. Successfully intervening can help the individual acknowledge their problem and accept the need for professional help. This initial step paves the way for a journey towards sobriety, improved physical and mental health, restored relationships, and a brighter, more hopeful future.

Alcohol vs. Drug Interventions: Similarities and Differences

While the goal of both alcohol and drug interventions is ultimately the same – to guide the individual towards recovery – there are nuanced differences in approach. Alcohol interventions may involve a slightly more delicate touch, as alcohol is a socially accepted substance and the line between casual consumption and abuse can blur.

However, the similarities are striking. Both interventions require careful planning, empathy, and the support of a skilled interventionist. Both aim to show the individual the impact of their addiction on themselves and their loved ones. It’s important to remember that no matter the substance, the underlying message is one of care, concern, and a genuine desire for the individual’s well-being.

Life After a Successful Alcohol Intervention: The Road to Recovery

A successful intervention is just the beginning of the journey towards sobriety. It opens the door to a world of rehabilitative services tailored to the individual’s needs. This may include inpatient or outpatient treatment, counseling, and access to medical professionals who specialize in addiction.

Post-rehab, a robust support system is essential. This can take many forms, from groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to individual therapy. Sober living arrangements can provide a safe, drug-free environment where individuals can transition back into everyday life. It’s important to remember that recovery is a process, and having a network of support can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Seek Help from Clinically Trained Professionals

At Drew Horowitz & Associates, our clinically trained staff know the struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. Whether you’re in Minneapolis or the Saint Paul area, we want to help your family be whole again.

According to reports from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, alcohol use is not just an issue with adults. Many adolescents are using alcohol at alarming rates. If you have a teenager who has a drinking problem, contact our team immediately to help you get the support and treatment needed to bring the abuse to an end.

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