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Drew Horowitz & Associates offers compassionate, evidence-based intervention services in Florida. Our Florida interventionists are equipped to guide families through the challenging process of recognizing and overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.

Our drug intervention services are designed to address these specific needs using a science-backed approach. We also specialize in alcohol interventions, offering a supportive path to recovery for those struggling with alcoholism or co-occurring disorders.

Our approach is rooted in empathy and understanding. We believe in treating each individual and their family with care and respect. We do this by offering tailored interventions that respect the dignity of your loved one. Our goal is to start the healing process not just for the individual but for the entire family unit.

Remember, an intervention is more than just a meeting; it’s the beginning of a journey towards recovery and healing. Let us help you take that first step toward a more hopeful life.

If you’re in Florida and seeking help for a loved one, reach out to our certified interventionists at Drew Horowitz & Associates. Call (800) 731-0854 to get started.

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    Our Florida Intervention Services

    Drug Intervention Programs – Florida

    At Drew Horowitz & Associates, our drug intervention services are designed to help individuals dealing with both substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Our team is skilled in providing personalized care to ensure each intervention is as effective as possible.

    Services include:

    • Resources for family members
    • Interventions for substance use
    • Chemical assessments
    • Treatment consultations
    • Clinical transport to a rehab facility

    Our drug intervention services are designed with empathy and understanding. We know not everyone is the same, which is why we focus on the individual’s unique journey to recovery.

    Florida Alcohol Interventions

    The team at Drew Horowitz & Associates is here to help those struggling with alcohol use and related mental health issues. Our team specializes in tailoring each intervention to the individual’s needs. This ensures an intervention that is both compassionate and effective.

    One major area of our services includes providing resources for families. This includes recommendations for treatment options, group therapy, and rehab programs in Florida, as well as information on the interventions we host.

    Our interventions for alcohol use are always carried out by one of our certified intervention specialists. We also carry out chemical assessments, and we can arrange for clinical transport after the intervention.

    Our focus is always on empathetic support and guiding each individual on their path to recovery.

    The Drew Horowitz Approach

    Our approach to interventions is more than just a one-time meeting; it’s a comprehensive journey toward healing and recovery. We’re here not just as interventionists, but as ongoing support managers. We’ll walk alongside your family and your loved one through every phase of their recovery.

    Our methods are grounded in empathy and understanding, helping you express your hope for your loved one while addressing the challenges of addiction. We know that addiction and mental health challenges often go hand in hand. For this reason, our approach focuses not only on substance abuse, but the emotional toll alcohol and drug abuse can take.

    We focus on helping your loved one understand the risks involved in addiction as well as the solutions available to them. This paired with a compassionate approach offers your loved one a path towards a healthier future.

    Our success rate is a testament to our holistic approach, which we know from experience increases the chances of long-term recovery.

    Understanding the Intervention Process

    An intervention is a heartfelt gathering where family and friends unite to express their concern about a loved one’s addictive behavior.

    It typically lasts a few hours, during which the intervention specialist explains the purpose and facilitates the sharing of personal letters. These letters are heartfelt expressions of love and concern that show the importance of seeking professional support.

    The goal is to encourage the person to accept help, and if they agree, immediate assistance to a treatment center is offered.

    Meet Our Professional Interventionists

    Drew Horowitz, the founder of Drew Horowitz & Associates, is renowned for his expertise in conducting interventions. With a decade of experience, he has successfully led numerous interventions, helping connect a significant number of clients with treatment, often on the same day.

    His team shares this commitment to effective and compassionate intervention strategies. Together, they work towards assisting recovery and support for individuals and their families.

    Don’t Wait to Seek Help For Alcohol or Drug Addiction

    In 2021, tens of thousands of people in the United States lost their lives from drug overdoses and alcohol-related causes. The risks associated with substance and alcohol use are clear, but unfortunately, this doesn’t make battling drug or alcohol dependence any easier.

    Recognizing the need for help is crucial. Addiction to drugs or alcohol not only affects your physical health but your mental health and relationships as well. Recovery offers a new, healthier chapter in life—one that offers relief from the pain of addiction.

    Support is available at Drew Horowitz & Associates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Let us help you and your family start the journey towards a better life. Call (800) 731-0854 to get started.

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