Chemical Use Assessments: Identifying the Problem

Q: How do you determine whether an individual needs addiction treatment?
A: A Chemical Use Assessment identifies any addiction that may need treatment.

At Drew Horowitz & Associates, the most common question we answer is regarding whether an individual has an addiction that requires treatment. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not always as simple as it may seem.

To help answer that question, the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services has outlined a comprehensive chemical use assessment. Also known as a Rule 25 Assessment, Chemical Dependency Evaluation, or Alcohol Assessment, it is a diagnostic evaluation to determine both the severity of substance use as well as the need for addiction and mental health treatment.

The Chemical Use Assessment is administered by one of Drew Horowitz & Associates state-licensed alcohol and drug counselors. The assessment will take between one and two hours to complete, and may be administered in our offices, at a detention holding facility, or within a hospital or clinical setting.

A Chemical Use Assessment is a great place to start your journey to recovery.

Once a Chemical Use Assessment has been completed, a written evaluation is prepared. The evaluation is an important part of determining the appropriate level of care for an individual and helps us determine which treatment services will be most effective for long-term recovery.

From that point, your case manager can create an addiction treatment plan and our treatment consultants will advise the most reputable and effective treatment programs for you or your loved one. The written evaluation will assist us in receiving approval from your health plan so that everything is properly coordinated before you or your loved one enters a treatment program.

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    When should I seek a Chemical Use Assessment for myself or a loved one?

    The most common reason people seek out a Chemical Use Assessment is because they struggle with a chemical dependency and they want to know how to stop drinking or using. However, this is not the only reason that a Chemical Use Assessment is administered.

    An individual or family member may request a Chemical Use Assessment, but in many cases one will be performed for other reasons. These reasons include a law enforcement arrest involving alcohol or controlled substances, a hospitalization due to a substance overdose, or a hospitalization due to a suicide attempt or other self-inflicted injury.

    An individual should always be as honest as possible when being evaluated for a chemical dependency. The assessment is designed to help you or your loved one identify the areas of concern so that they may be directly addressed. The Chemical Use Assessment is an important first step of the addiction treatment process that will lead to a healthy, happy, and successful life in recovery.

    Will my assessment evaluation be public information?

    No! There is absolutely no condition under which Drew Horowitz & Associates would be able, allowed, or willing to share your private medical information with anyone without your expressed written consent. In fact, there is a federal law that ensures that all of your private health care information remains just that – private.

    According to the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), health care providers, therapists, counselors, and addiction treatment centers must guard your information with the utmost security. Even the government does not have access to your medical records unless a judge has formally signed a subpoena requesting it. That means that your employer, community, friends, and even your family won’t have access to any information obtained during a Chemical Use Assessment, or even that you’re a client of Drew Horowitz & Associates.

    If privacy and security is a concern and its holding you back from receiving treatment, Drew Horowitz & Associates has you covered. Don’t let it stop you from seeking addiction treatment or finding the joy of a life in long-term recovery.

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