12 Step Recovery Assistance & Coaching

You might be familiar with the concept of a 12 step program like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) if you or someone you love has suffered from addiction. Much like the exit from rehabilitation, it can be intimidating and challenging to navigate a 12-step program on your own.

Drew Horowitz & Associates proudly provides professional assistance to help those in addiction recovery discover, attend and process a 12 step program that works best for them.

What is a 12-Step Program?

A 12-step program is a structured approach to recovery that provides guidance and support for individuals overcoming addiction.

Originating with groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), these programs offer a roadmap to healing by combining self-reflection, peer support, and personal accountability. We’ve listed below the 12 steps that are typically followed within these anonymous support groups:

12 Steps to Recovery: Confronting Addiction with Courage

  1. Acknowledging the chaos our addiction caused, we embarked on a journey of personal inventory, uncovering our strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Embracing the belief in a higher power, we recognized that a fearless moral inventory could restore us to sanity and clarity.
  1. Taking a leap of faith, we entrusted our lives to a power beyond ourselves, asking for the strength to carry out these steps.
  1. Engaging in a searching and fearless moral inventory, we faced our past with honesty, seeking a way for our higher power to remove our shortcomings.
  1. We admitted to God (or another higher power of choice), ourselves, and a trusted human being the exact nature of our wrongs, allowing the weight of our past to be lifted.
  1. As we became ready to have God remove our flaws, a transformation began—these steps led us to a path of restoration.
  1. With humility, we approached our higher power and humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings to pave the way for a brighter future.
  1. In the spirit of amends, we compiled a list of those we had harmed, ready to restore relationships and practice these principles in every aspect of our lives.
  1. With courage, we faced our wrongs and made direct amends wherever possible, acknowledging the impact of our actions on others.
  1. Continuing to take personal inventory, we admitted our mistakes promptly, understanding that growth comes through self-awareness.
  1. Through prayer and meditation, we deepened our connection with our higher power, seeking the knowledge of His will and the ability to carry it out.
  1. Having experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we resolved to carry this message to others grappling with addiction, practicing these principles and encouraging change in their lives.

These 12 steps serve as a guide and message to alcoholics and addicts in recovery. They’re rooted in the principles of personal inventory, fearless moral exploration, seeking divine guidance, and making amends, serving as a roadmap towards recovery and restoration.

Tailored Assistance from Drew Horowitz & Associates

At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we understand that embarking on a 12-step program can be overwhelming. Our commitment is to make this path more manageable and effective for you. We offer a range of support options tailored to your needs, ensuring you’re never alone on your journey to recovery.

1. 12-Step Support Groups Within Our Practice

Our practice hosts 12-step support groups led by experienced facilitators. These gatherings provide a safe space for open discussions, shared experiences, and valuable insights. Engaging in a supportive community can bolster your progress and foster connections with others who are on a similar journey.

2. Diverse Styles of Psychological Support Post-Rehabilitation

We recognize that each individual’s recovery journey is unique. That’s why we offer various styles of psychological support post-rehabilitation. Whether you benefit from one-on-one counseling, group therapy, or a combination of approaches, our team can guide you toward the strategies that resonate with you.

3. Navigating Life After Rehab with a 12 Step Coach

Navigating the complexities of life after rehabilitation can be daunting. Our dedicated sober coaches are here to guide you through these challenges. A sober coach provides personalized assistance, helping you develop coping mechanisms, establish healthy routines, and build resilience as you transition to a sober lifestyle.

Understanding the Role of a 12 Step Coach (Sober Coach)

A 12-step coach, also known as a sober coach or recovery coach, is a trained professional who specializes in helping individuals maintain their sobriety and thrive after rehab. They offer practical strategies, emotional support, and accountability to ensure you stay on track with your recovery goals. A 12-step coach serves as your advocate and partner, helping you navigate obstacles while celebrating your achievements.

Take the First Step Towards Lasting Recovery

If you or a loved one is seeking guidance to navigate the challenges of addiction recovery and a 12-step program, contact Drew Horowitz & Associates today. Our experienced team is here to provide the assistance, support, and personalized coaching you need to embark on a successful journey toward lasting recovery. Contact us now to learn more about our services and take the next step towards a healthier, fulfilling life.

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