Resiliency for Women in Recovery

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By Sandy Ogle, LADC, CIP, Addiction Specialist | April 20, 2020

Resiliency is to persevere through adversity.

Life can be difficult, it can throw us many curve balls, and we may experience hardship we never planned on or imagined.

At these times we may ask ourselves, “How did I ever get here?” or “Why is this happening?”  Or…we may further isolate ourselves with the thought that no one else could be experiencing something similar.  

In reality, everyday countless individuals and families are living in active addiction, facing incredible stress and suffering, and asking those same questions, thinking those same thoughts. Often a person, a family, may experience feeling very stuck, frightened, alone and isolated wondering where to turn to next.

A sign of resiliency is feeling fearful and taking action anyway. It may start out as a small step and leading to a bigger step. Change begins with one step.

Resiliency is reaching out and connecting. Resiliency is doing what is uncomfortable and learning relief is on the other side.

Doing what we fear most is showing courage, bravery and RESILIENCE.

When we take some form of ACTION, our fears can often diminish. Action has a way of moving us out of our fear and anxiety. Forms of action can be talking to a friend, seeking therapy, not accepting the status quo, get active, and seeking help if you are not managing on your own. 

Being willing, taking a risk, opens up possibilities that we may never have known existed. This is resiliency.

When we are facing hardship; when we step toward solutions, we begin to find our way.  With action we can begin to discover answers, feel supported and find MEANING and PURPOSE in our lives.

There is NO better time than now to take a step forward, allow for guidance, and begin living a new life!

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