Are You In Need of a Mental Health Intervention?

Are You In Need of a Mental Health Intervention?
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The American Psychiatric Association defines mental illness as a health condition involving changes in a person’s behavior, emotion, or thinking–or a combination of any of the three. These mental health conditions are associated with distress and/or problems functioning at work, with family members, or in social settings.

Watching someone you love struggle with an untreated mental health disorder can be extremely difficult, especially if that person doesn’t see an issue. While we can’t know how to prevent mental illness from presenting, there are several types of interventions that can help the individual struggling with a mental health crisis.

Our Crisis Intervention Team in Minnesota consists of mental health professionals trained in hosting interventions that will help your loved ones get the help they need.

What to Expect During an Intervention

Due to the complexities of mental illness, it is crucial that a trained intervention specialist handles the intervention process. It is difficult to identify mental health disorders due to the many ways they can present themselves–not to mention substance abuse can mask signs of mental illness and what types of treatment are necessary.

The different styles of interventions include

  • Intervention Counseling. This approach brings a mental health professional to discuss the worries family and friends have about the individual’s changes in behavior.
  • Mental Health Crisis Intervention. If you believe your loved one may be in danger of harming themselves or others, crisis intervention is the best option.
  • Psychological Intervention. Similar to intervention counseling but more direct. Oftentimes used when an individual suffers from mental illness and substance abuse.

If you have a loved one struggling with mental health and are considering an adult intervention in Minneapolis, please contact Drew Horowitz & Associates today. We provide professional interventions and mental health services that will help your loved one long term.

How to Properly Host an Intervention

Regardless of the intervention strategy your loved one needs, our intervention specialists will work with you the entire way through the process. We will discuss how to approach the intervention, what needs to be said and, more importantly, not said, and a treatment plan that follows the intervention.

Timing is everything with interventions. Our team will work with you to find the right time to bring everyone together and ensure the individual is not in a negative headspace walking into the intervention.

Every intervention is different even if the desired result is the same. Our team of specialists will discuss with you exactly how the day will go and work with you to determine strategies based on how the individual reacts to the intervention.

Contact our team at Drew Horowitz & Associates to learn more about hosting an intervention and helping your loved one live a happier, healthier life.

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