What is Crisis Intervention?

What is Crisis Intervention?
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A crisis can be defined as a difficult event occurring within an individual’s life that they are unable to cope with or use effective problem-solving skills to manage the crisis situation.

There are a large number of events that can be considered a crisis, including life-threatening situations, death of a loved one or divorce, sexual assault, individuals with a mental illness, medical diagnosis, suicidal thoughts, and many more.

Crisis intervention in Minneapolis is the urgent and short-term emergency response to a mental health crisis or substance use disorder. This response is used to intervene in the downward spiral of the individual’s behavior and return them to their level of functioning pre-crisis or to find them the proper treatment.

Seek Professional Help

Many crisis interventions are conducted with the help of a mental health professional and an intervention specialist. With a person in crisis, it is important to work with a professional who understands the emotional and mental issues one is facing and how to use proper communication to help that individual.

The Minneapolis Crisis Intervention Team at Drew Horowitz & Associates is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency situations. If you have a loved one you believe is dealing with a crisis at this time, contact our crisis services by calling us today or filling out our online form.

Our intervention specialists are highly skilled and trained to handle crisis assessment and help individuals get the help they need for long-term recovery.

Crisis Intervention and Substance Abuse

It is common for an individual dealing with a crisis to turn to drugs or alcohol as an escape. Many people develop substance use disorders because of the mental, physical, and emotional stress they endure after a crisis.

There may come a time when the person using drugs or abusing alcohol becomes a danger to themselves or others, making a crisis intervention necessary.

Contact the Crisis Intervention Professionals at Drew Horowitz & Associates

If you have a family member or close friend who is suffering from mental illness or emotional disorder, Drew Horowitz & Associates is here to help. The professionals on our team have the experience and skills to build a successful intervention and treatment plan to get your loved one back on the right track.

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