The Importance of Sober Companions When Seeking Help

Let’s be honest, emerging from a rehabilitation program and returning to the demands – and temptations – of daily life can be a grueling experience, and unfortunately, relapses are all too common. One way of maintaining the sobriety you have achieved while under treatment is to have the assistance of a sober companion, also referred to as a sober coach or a recovery companion.

Sober Companions and Recovery Support

A sober companion is someone who guides individuals who are trying to stay clean after they’ve concluded a rehabilitation program and returned either to a halfway house or to their own home. Sober companions are often members of the recovery community, meaning they are well aware of the temptations and pitfalls you’ll confront after leaving a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.

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Short and Long Term Benefits Of A Sober Companion

The primary role of a sober companion is to help guide you through the complexities of the recovery journey and help you live a clean and sober life. The benefits of having a sober companion to assist you include:

  • Perspective and understanding – In many cases, your sober companion has been where you are now, and they’re fully aware of the many difficulties of returning to daily life after you’ve finished a rehab program. Having been there themselves, they’re very familiar with all the challenges you’re now facing and can help guide you in confronting and overcoming them.
  • Unbiased help – One of the obstacles to recovery can be that some will remember you as you once were and may not be willing to help you now. Or there may be those individuals in your life who will bring up past experiences and memories that need to be avoided. A sober companion does not come with that kind of baggage and having a steady companion who helps you face the future with optimism rather than with negativity, can be a huge help on your road to recovery.
  • Remaining sober – Finally and most importantly, a sober companion can help you avoid being one of the 60 percent of those in recovery who relapse. They can teach new coping skills and help you confront the challenges of daily life with care and love for yourself rather than with anger and frustration that can lead to relapses. In other words, a sober companion can help you remain clean while working and socializing in your daily life.

Drew Horowitz & Associates’ Sober Companions – MN

If you or a loved one needs special assistance in maintaining their sobriety, we can help you locate a sober companion through one of our treatment programs. Your sober companion is like a recovery coach that can work to ensure you maintain long-term recovery.

In addition to our sober companion program, we offer a wide array of addiction treatment and recovery services for substance abuse. Our methods are based on the realization that every individual is unique, which is why we design and adapt each of our programs to meet the specific needs of each person working to overcome addiction.

Some of the additional services we offer include but are not limited to:

At Drew Horowitz & Associates we are always here for you, offering loving, compassionate care for you or a loved one in need. Please do not hesitate, to contact us at your earliest opportunity and let our superb, highly trained staff help you in every way we possibly can.

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