What Can You Expect From Rehab Transportation Services?

If a loved one needs the help of a drug rehabilitation program, then they will also need reliable transportation to get there. 

Working with a facility that offers transportation services means that your loved one will be in safe hands. 

Keeping Them Safe

In addition to making sure an individual feels safe and well-supported on their journey to rehab, facility-run transportation services ensure that your loved one stays physically safe from substances. 

Without the physical and emotional support of professionally trained staff, your loved one can seek drugs and risk overdosing before treatment can even begin. This also protects your loved one from facing any legal trouble or risking arrest before they can get the help they need.

The Risks Of Alternative Transportation To Rehab

There are plenty of options outside of facility-operated transportation services that will get you to rehab. While these methods might work for some, they might create even greater challenges for someone seeking substance abuse treatment. We’ve listed the most common alternative transportation methods below along with their caveats.

Taxis & RideShare Vehicles – Ride-share services and taxis are not equipped with the physical or emotional support that an individual facing substance abuse might need when riding to a facility. Without the proper support on this journey, this individual could stop the ride at any point and not arrive at their destination.

Friends or Family members – Riding with friends or family members to a drug rehab program is a safe and affordable option for most. For others, however, family members or friends might trigger an individual facing addiction. Another caveat involves the expenses for this journey, which your family members or friends will be responsible for. 

Public Transportation & Longer Trips Getting to a far-away facility is not only expensive but also jarring because it lacks the physical and emotional support you might need along the way.

Drew Horowitz & Associates

Our facility will assign an experienced clinical transport specialist to stay with your loved one throughout their journey. What’s great about this service is that usually, this means your loved one will be fully supported until they’re admitted, even if that admittance isn’t on the same day your transportation service is scheduled. 

Our staff will make sure your loved one is all-around supported until they are safely in the hands of our treatment program. For more information please browse our site or call us.

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