A Recap Of The National Drug Control Strategy Agenda – 2023

Decreasing fatal overdoses is among the top public health priorities the U.S. government will be tackling in 2023. Nearly every five minutes, a U.S. citizen dies from a fatal drug overdose. This number has only increased over the past several decades.

According to an article published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the current administration solidified its goals for the National Drug Control Strategy in April 2022. As of January 1, 2023, they began implementing methods to meet those goals.

These methods include distributing $2 million to each state to support at-risk populations, enacting Covid-era treatments that are convenient and accessible for those being treated for substance abuse, and doubling down on existing programs and rehab facilities that are contributing to beneficial changes. 

Over the next two years, the government is hoping to decrease the number of yearly overdoses by 13%. Tracking the progress of this goal will be done on a 12-month basis. If the current administration is successful in achieving this goal, there will be over 160,000 lives saved from fatal overdoses by the end of 2025.

What Role Do Rehabilitation Programs Play In Achieving This Goal?

By asking this question, you’re also asking “Why is drug rehab important to this goal?” These treatment programs take a medically backed approach to address triggers that could lead to an individual using harmful substances. By approaching substance use disorders as a disease that affects our physical, psychological, and mental health, a drug rehabilitation facility can provide a neutral yet focused environment to treat this disease.

Everyone who enters a rehabilitation program will need treatment that caters specifically to their needs and addiction. Collectively, the individuals in this program will form a sense of community as they’re treated and navigate life during recovery. This leads to vast improvements in a person’s mental and physical health, and it keeps them accountable going forward.

Without rehab programs, achieving the goals of the National Drug Control Strategy would be impossible.

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