The Impact Of A Simple Intervention

Sometimes a larger group that you would typically see in a classic intervention, can further deter an individual from seeking addiction treatment. During a simple intervention, only one trusted family member or friend who is close to this individual will face them.

While this might initially feel informal due to the closeness between the individual who needs help and the person who wants to see them seek help, it is possible and should be a professional interaction. 

When a classic or family-style intervention isn’t possible, this condensed form of confrontation can quickly become a powerful tool that helps an individual seek treatment for their addiction.

Who Would Benefit Most From This Intervention Type

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to interventions. As mentioned above, your classic intervention, which involves a group, can sometimes drive a wedge even further between an individual and their desire to seek help.

For those experiencing a newer case of substance abuse, a simple intervention can be quite powerful because the confrontation comes from one person. Even though this is a professional interaction, there is a familiar platform established that leads to less overwhelm that could be experienced in a group setting or a family system intervention. 

The classic or family-style intervention works best for those who have been experiencing addiction for a longer amount of time or have undergone treatment before. 

A simple intervention allows for focused empathy and understanding that can be absorbed better by the individual who needs to seek help.

Professional Preparation For Your Simple Intervention In Minnesota

The first steps toward treatment for alcohol and drug addictions is often the most difficult. Regardless of which form of intervention you think would be best for a friend or family member, we are more than happy to help you set it up. Drew Horowitz & Associates have several intervention professionals that can set up and guide an individual’s support system through the steps it will take to confront them. 

If you’re seeking professional help to set up a simple intervention, please contact us.

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