Addiction and The Holidays: Staging An Intervention

The holidays are usually a happy time when families come together. But it can also be a chance to help if someone is facing addiction.

When families gather during this time, they can work together to do something important called an intervention. It’s a big step to support someone dealing with substance abuse. Even though interventions can be tough, not doing anything can be even more painful for the person and their family.

Addiction and The Holidays: Staging An Intervention

Benefits and Caveats of Hosting an Intervention Between the Holidays


  • Family Gathering: The holidays make it easier for families to get together, making it a good time to help someone. It’s a supportive setting for the intervention.
  • Shared Concerns: Family members can talk together about their worries, showing they all care and want the person to get help.
  • Emotional Support: Holidays bring out feelings, making it a time for understanding and kindness during the intervention.


  • Emotional Sensitivity: Be aware that emotions can be strong during the holidays. Even though intervention is needed, it’s important to be gentle and understanding.
  • Timing Considerations: Know that the person may already be feeling a lot during the holidays. Pick a good time that won’t add extra stress.
  • Professional Guidance: Because addiction is complex, it’s smart to get help from professionals. They know how to do the intervention the right way.

Navigating Addiction Recovery During the Holidays

The first holiday season post-intervention and rehabilitation can be a challenging time for individuals on the path to overcoming substance use disorder. It’s a period of adjustment and emotional sensitivity, where supporting family members becomes crucial. Understanding the nuances of staying sober during this time is essential.

Challenges During the First Holiday Season Post-Rehab:

  • Feeling Sensitive: People recovering from addiction may feel emotionally sensitive as they deal with the challenges of getting overactive addiction. This can make the holiday season feel more intense.
  • Feeling Pressured: During holiday gatherings, there might be times when drugs and alcohol are around, adding stress for someone recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Getting Used to Change: Adjusting to a life without substances during the holidays can be hard. Routines and traditions might need to be changed to avoid using alcohol and drugs.

Supporting a Family Member in Addiction Recovery:

  1. Talk Openly: Share and talk honestly about any problems that may come up during family events or holiday gatherings. Make sure they know it’s okay to express their feelings without being judged.
  2. Fun Without Substances: Plan and join activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Doing new and enjoyable things can make happy holiday memories and help in staying away from substances.
  3. Set Rules: Make clear rules and respect what the person says about using substances. This creates a safe space that focuses on their recovery.
  4. Be There Emotionally: Give emotional support during family events. A simple chat or just being there can make a big difference.
  5. Attend Positive Gatherings: Suggest going to events with friends or family who don’t use substances and understand the journey of recovery.
  6. Celebrate Achievements: Say congratulations and celebrate the good things achieved during this challenging time. It shows how well they’re doing and why it’s important to stay on the path to a healthier life.
  7. Ask for Expert Help: Think about getting help from professionals who know about addiction treatment. They can guide and support, especially for those who have been through treatment programs.

Remember, each person’s recovery journey is unique, and providing ongoing support and understanding is key to helping them successfully navigate the first holiday season after intervention and rehabilitation.

Drew Horowitz & Associates Intervention Services

If you find yourself facing the challenge of staging an intervention during the holidays or any time of the year, Drew Horowitz & Associates is here to help. Our professional interventionists specialize in guiding families through this delicate process, offering support and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for your loved one.

Reach out to Drew Horowitz & Associates today, and let us be your partner in helping your loved one take the first steps toward addiction recovery.

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