19 Drink Ideas For Recovering Alcoholics

For those on the journey of recovery, finding enjoyable and satisfying alternatives to alcoholic beverages can be a crucial part of maintaining sobriety. Fortunately, the world of non-alcoholic drinks is full of variety. Here are 19 refreshing, delicious, and alcohol-free drinks to help you stay on track.

  1. Sparkling Water

A simple yet satisfying choice, sparkling water, or soda water, is perfect for those who miss the fizzy sensation of a carbonated drink. It’s hydrating, has zero calories, and can be enjoyed plain or with a slice of lemon or lime for an added zest.

  1. Flavored Seltzer

Flavored seltzer takes sparkling water up a notch by infusing it with flavor. From classic lemon-lime to exotic mango or berry blends, these beverages offer a refreshing taste without added sugar or calories. Plus, you can buy seltzers in packs, so you can always have one ready in the fridge.

  1. Tonic Water

Tonic water, with its slightly bitter taste, can be a great substitute for an alcoholic beverage. It’s particularly appealing for those who used to enjoy mixed drinks. Mix it with a splash of cranberry juice or lime juice for added depth.

  1. Craft Soda

For a sweet treat, craft sodas come in a myriad of unique flavors and often use real sugar and natural ingredients. You might try a cherry cola, lemon-lime soda, cream soda, or ginger beer, which contrary to its name, does not contain any alcohol.

  1. Fresh Juice

Freshly squeezed juice is not only delicious but also packed with vitamins and nutrients. Whether it’s orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, carrot juice, or a mixed-fruit concoction, these beverages are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

  1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a tropical delight that’s also incredibly hydrating. It’s a great source of electrolytes, making it a perfect drink for hot days or after a workout.

  1. Fruit-Infused Water

Infusing water with fruits like berries, citrus, or cucumber is a fantastic way to add flavor without calories or artificial additives. It’s refreshing, hydrating, and can be customized according to your personal taste.

  1. Coffee

A classic go-to, coffee is a great option for those looking for something robust and energizing. Just be cautious with caffeine intake, especially later in the day.

  1. Latte or Cappuccino

For a more indulgent coffee experience, try ordering a latte or cappuccino at your local coffee shop. While these drinks are typically unsweetened, you can always ask to add a flavor like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut. For a more unique flavor option, try lavender, cinnamon, or almond.

  1. Bubble Tea

Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea is a fun and trendy drink option. It’s a tea-based drink mixed with milk or fruit flavors, and it contains chewy tapioca balls. It’s customizable in sweetness and flavor, making it a versatile option. Because of its growing popularity, you can find bubble tea shops in almost any city or town in the U.S.

  1. Milkshake

Milkshakes are a delightful treat that can curb the desire for something indulgent. With endless flavor possibilities, from classic vanilla and chocolate to more adventurous options, milkshakes are a surefire way to satisfy a sweet craving.

  1. Smoothie

For a healthier option, smoothies are the perfect choice. Blend together fruits, veggies, yogurt, and milk for a nutritious and delicious drink. They’re great for starting the day or a post-workout refreshment.

  1. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a comforting classic that’s ideal for colder days. It can be made with milk or a dairy-free alternative.

  1. Hot Tea

When it comes to tea, there are a variety of types to choose from, including herbal, black, green, and white. It’s a soothing beverage, and it’s a great way to unwind or warm up on a cold, winter day.

  1. Kombucha

Kombucha, a fermented tea, is not only tasty but also beneficial for gut health. It has a slightly tangy taste and comes in various flavors. Kombucha does contain a trace amount of alcohol content, so take caution, especially if you are in early recovery. Talk to your healthcare provider before deciding if kombucha is a safe option for you.

  1. Lemonade

Homemade lemonade offers the perfect balance of sweet and tart. It’s a refreshing choice on a hot day and can be customized with the addition of herbs like mint or basil.

  1. Iced Tea

Iced tea is a staple for warm weather. Whether it’s sweetened or unsweetened, flavored with lemon, or infused with fruits, it’s a classic and refreshing choice.

  1. Arnold Palmer

An Arnold Palmer is a delightful mix of iced tea and lemonade. It’s a refreshing and flavorful drink that offers the best of both worlds.

  1. Mocktail

Mocktails are non-alcoholic versions of classic cocktails. From virgin mojitos to non-alcoholic sangria and Shirley Temples, these drinks are perfect for social occasions where you might miss having a fancy drink.

While mocktails can be a delicious alternative to alcoholic beverages, they’re not for everyone. If you think a mocktail will trigger your desire to drink, it’s best to stick to other beverage alternatives. This is especially important for people in early recovery.

Recovery from alcoholism is a life-changing journey, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joy of a delicious beverage. These drinks for recovering alcoholics offer a range of flavors and experiences, from the simple and hydrating to the sweet and indulgent. They can help make the path of sobriety more enjoyable and sustainable. Cheers to your health and happiness!

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