Mental Health Interventions In Minneapolis, MN

If you have a friend, family member, or partner who is struggling with a mental health or substance abuse disorder, then staging an intervention will be the next best step. For someone who is actively struggling with these types of disorders, it can be difficult to see the short and long-term repercussions of their mental health or substance abuse issues.

Staging a mental health intervention can drastically improve the chances of them seeking help and experiencing longer-term success after treatment.

Drew Horowitz & Associates has a team of mental health professionals that are ready to help you set up your loved one’s intervention and take a niche approach to treat their mental health or substance abuse disorder.

A Girl Struggling with a Mental Health or Substance Abuse Disorder

What Is A Mental Health Intervention?

Before a mental health intervention can be staged, it’s important for everyone involved to understand the basics of this event. This type of intervention is a carefully planned and structured process designed to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction or a mental health disorder.

The main purpose of a mental health intervention is to confront the individual about their behavior in a supportive and non-judgmental way and encourage them to seek professional help. A mental health crisis or addiction can lead to life-threatening situations with long-term consequences that can take a physical, emotional, and social toll.

More often than not, professional help is often necessary to overcome this type of problem. A successful mental health intervention involves family members, friends, coworkers, partners, neighbors, and other acquaintances that are important to the struggling individual. A trained interventionist should also be involved because they can guide the process and ensure that the person is properly supported and encouraged to seek help.

An interventionist also does an excellent job of coaching loved ones to set and follow through with boundaries, so that the person is more motivated to seek help.

Staging The Intervention

While it is entirely possible for you to stage an intervention without the help of mental health services, doing so will drastically decrease your chances of success. Enlisting the help of an interventionist who specializes in crisis interventions for mental illnesses and substance use disorders will make sure your intervention is staged in the best way possible.

Drew Horowitz & Associates have hosted hundreds of interventions for mental health in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here’s what this process typically looks like from beginning to end:

  1. Consult with an interventionist: The first step is to find an experienced interventionist who can guide the process. They will evaluate the situation surrounding your loved one’s substance or mental health issues, and help you plan the intervention.
  2. Form an intervention team: The intervention team is typically made up of family members, close friends, and possibly a therapist or other professional who knows the person well. The team should meet with the interventionist to plan ahead of time.
  3. Planning the intervention: The interventionist will give an unbiased, professional opinion for who will be present, what will be said, and how the intervention will be structured. They will also help you set the time, date and location of this event.
  4. Rehearse the intervention: To ensure that everyone is prepared and knows what to say, the entire group should meet ahead of time to rehearse how the intervention might go.
  5. Holding the intervention: On the day of the intervention, interventionists will facilitate the event by guiding the team through the planned structure, supporting the person in crisis, helping loved ones stick to their boundaries, and offering health care services to treat the affected individual.
  6. Follow-up: After the intervention, the interventionist will help the person access crisis services and treatment. The loved ones who supported the individual during the intervention will need to follow-up with the person and provide support as they begin their recovery journey.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from a mental health intervention that could help them seek treatment, please contact Drew Horowitz & Associates. Our Minneapolis-based professionals are always ready to help your loved one get the help they need.

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