Treatment Consultants: Guiding Your Journey

Q: How do I find safe and reputable addiction treatment services?
A: A treatment consultant knows which programs are the best to meet individual needs.

Choosing an addiction treatment center can be a nearly impossible task. It typically must be done quickly and under intense pressure. There are over 14,000 treatment centers in the United States, and many of them will not be the right fit for you or your loved one. Where do you even start?

Navigating the world of addiction recovery and treatment is challenging and complicated at best. A Drew Horowitz & Associates treatment consultant can analyze the needs of your loved one and ensure that she or he receives the most appropriate treatment for their specific needs. Our team of clinicians have traveled the United States and vetted programs that are reputable and provide effective evidenced-based care.

A treatment consultant will help you select programs that fit your treatment needs and are within your health plan.

Your Drew Horowitz & Associates treatment consultant is your partner, advisor, health plan advocate, and addiction and mental health recovery specialist. We thoroughly assess your loved one’s history and situation to provide you with a solid foundation on which your loved one can begin their recovery journey. The goal of your treatment consultant is to make your loved one’s road to recovery as safe, effective, and successful as possible.

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    Over the past few years, addiction treatment “consultants” have been showing up all across the United States. Most of these individuals work directly for specific treatment centers and are paid thousands of dollars when they bring in an admission.

    This is not only unethical, but also harmful to the addiction treatment patient. Individuals are admitted to programs that pay the highest placement fees rather than entering reputable, effective, evidence-based treatment centers.

    At Drew Horowitz & Associates, you can be sure that your addiction treatment consultant isn’t recommending a treatment center for financial reasons. In fact, our addiction treatment consultants receive no compensation whatsoever from treatment centers at all.

    Our goal is to help you find the best treatment services that will meet the needs of your loved one. We don’t work for addiction treatment centers. We work for you.

    Unethical treatment: How to avoid tragedy in an addiction treatment program.

    The news is filled with stories of tragedy and malpractice within the addiction treatment industry. Right now, many addiction treatment centers are under fire for treatment malpractice and insurance fraud.

    When you work with Drew Horowitz & Associates, you have peace of mind knowing that we will thoroughly assess and qualify any treatment program before recommending admission. This includes the treatment center’s history, lawsuits, complaints, owner and staff qualifications, background checks, licensure, awards and certifications, and success records.

    When it comes to addiction treatment services, we don’t work with anyone but the very best. We take our work very seriously because we want all of our clients to succeed in their recovery.

    Contact Drew Horowitz & Associates today to learn more about how our addiction treatment consultants can help your loved one live a healthy, happy life in recovery from addictions.

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