Intervention For Teenage Drug Use

Drug abuse intervention for teenagers and young adults

Parents often remain in the dark concerning their teenager’s and young adults’ drug and alcohol use. The signs of teen drug use or drug addiction are difficult to see as behaviors are similar to typical teenage behavior: secretive, disinterest, poorer school performance, withdrawal from family, and moodiness.

By the time parents recognize their teenager’s drug abuse, the problem has often become worse. With teenagers’ brains still developing and at a critical time for learning new things and developing new skills, regular and prolonged substance use can easily lead to addiction.

Before addiction occurs, Drew Horowitz & Associates recommend scheduling a teenage drug abuse intervention. The best thing you can do as a parent is to intervene.

The Importance of Teen Interventions

The first thing you need to tell yourself is you’re not alone. Across the nation, approximately 10 million teenagers and young adults are struggling with substance use disorders.

However, research has shown that when substance abuse is identified and rectified during adolescence, the users will typically abstain from drug use in the future.

With teenagers’ brains still developing, it’s imperative to identify drug use as soon as possible. There can be damaging long-term effects such as diminished learning capacity, poor decision-making, problem-solving skills, self-control issues, memory problems, and more can be caused by teenage drug use.

Even if your teenager is not yet addicted to drugs and is more of a casual user, they can still benefit from an intervention. Whether it’s problematic drug use or a full-blown addiction, interventions can help your teenager realize they need help. Teenagers may not recognize they have an alcohol or drug problem. Or, they don’t believe they need to stop. And, with peer pressure and not having a good understanding of the world, they don’t know how or who to ask for help.

They can’t get better without you.

Working with Drew Horowitz & Associates

The intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates have extensive knowledge and skills for planning and executing teen interventions. The process will be emotional, but we will work with you to ensure a successful outcome. Here are some helpful tips to know about the inner workings of an intervention:

  • Educate yourself beforehand. Walk into the intervention prepared to provide factual evidence as well as counterarguments.
  • Make sure your teen is sober. Approach the conversation calmly and keep things level-headed at all times.
  • Be honest but not accusatory. Facts are good, but feelings are better. Let your child know how their drug use affects you. But don’t blame them for it.
  • Practice. We will work with your family to develop a day-of strategy, how to maintain order, and provide the best treatment opportunities.

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