Game Over: Interventions For Kids With Addiction To Video Games

Is your child spending too much time playing video games? With video games and online gaming becoming more prevalent among today’s youth, long-term gaming disorders have become a problem.

If you believe your child has an uncontrollable gaming habit, it may be time to consider a video game intervention. Contact the intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates to learn more about the signs of a video game addiction and how to treat video game addictions.

Risks of Excessive Gaming

There have been numerous studies related to the negative effects of excessive gaming. With effects’ ranging from disassociation to attention issues at work or school, physical pain in extremities to difficulty sleeping, your child’s gaming can have disastrous effects on their life.

Other risks include:

  • Likelihood of attention deficit disorder diagnosis
  • Engaging in physical altercations
  • Aggressive thoughts and behaviors
  • Lack of “normal” social life
  • Lack of empathy toward others

With these issues and concerns growing, video game addiction treatment has become a priority. If you need help scheduling an intervention for a video game addict in your life, contact Drew Horowitz & Associates.

How to Address A Child’s Video Game Addiction at Home

If your child is addicted to video games, parents can do several things to help. The first step each parent should take is to explore the games their child plays. Understanding the rating each game receives and why can help limit your child’s exposure to violent games.

Removing televisions, video game systems, laptops, and handheld devices from a child’s bedroom will help limit screen time, lessen the number of hours of gaming, and improve sleep. 

Establishing rules is also an important step to help limit gaming time. Parents should introduce measures such as no video games until homework or chores are complete. And parents should encourage their children and teenagers to engage in physical activity and exercise.

Before setting these new rules, the family should discuss the problem and why these steps are necessary. You will likely face opposition from your child, but it’s important to remain firm and to seek professional help from your pediatrician or mental health professional.

Further Intervention – Contact Us ASAP

When in-home intervention steps are unsuccessful, additional options need to be considered. Call the video game intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates to help get your child the proper treatment for their addiction. 

Gamers often have high levels of anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues, meaning mental health treatment may be the priority. We can help you locate the top treatment centers in the area and get your child to agree to receive help.

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