TIPS Training for Intervention Procedures

Commonly known as TIPS, the Training for Intervention Procedures is a dynamic program whose purpose is to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking. It attempts to accomplish this vital goal by enhancing the “people skills” of individuals such as servers, sellers, and consumers of alcohol.

Ultimately, TIPS seeks to give individuals both the knowledge and the confidence needed to recognize potential alcohol-related issues. The hope is that through the training they’ve received these individuals will be able to intervene in ways that will prevent alcohol-related tragedies.

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TIPS Training

Training for this program can be provided by a certified TIPS trainer or by taking the online eTIPS course.

If you take the in-person training, instruction is provided through a combination of video and printed materials to facilitate training session discussions, and the course material is presented in three sections. These are Information, Skills Training, and Practice/Rehearsal during which intervention model tips are studied and applied.

Training through eTIPS is conducted online, and this training is self-paced and can be implemented any time.

By whatever means the training is taken, at the end of the course all participants take a multiple-choice exam. Those who pass will receive certification, usually good for three years in most areas, and exams, grades, and other relevant information are kept online for review.

Intervention Model Training in Minnesota

Responsible alcohol training is not required by the state government of Minnesota. However, some local jurisdictions mandate the training, and anyone who serves or sells alcoholic beverages in the state should take this training in order to help protect themselves, their employer, and of course, the general public.

Employers in Minnesota should also note that having your staff complete TIPS training may well reduce the cost of your liquor liability insurance.

TIPS Training Through Drew Horowitz & Associates

As stated, TIPS training is not mandated in Minnesota, but we strongly encourage those who in any way are involved with the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages take this course to help prevent at least some of the thousands of needless deaths that take place in this country annually from alcohol-related causes. The course, conducted by our certified instructors, can also be beneficial to those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction or trying to help someone grappling with one of these afflictions.

Whatever your situation, whatever your need, we are here to help you at Drew Horowitz & Associates. We urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our TIPS training, counseling and intervention services.

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