Professional Group Interventions For Depression

Mental disorders such as depression are clinically characterized as someone’s emotions, behaviors, and cognition being significantly affected or disturbed. When people think of interventions, they tend to believe they are only beneficial for those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. However, it has been proven to be just as effective for those struggling with mental health, including depression.

The fact of the matter is that many depressed individuals will turn to drugs or alcohol to offset their depression, becoming a dual diagnosis. At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we provide professional mental health interventions in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Our team will work with your family to find your loved one the proper mental health services and treatment for depression.

If you have a friend or family member dealing with a mental health crisis, contact our team of professional interventionists today. Our crisis services include staging crisis interventions for those living with and suffering from depression.

Staging An Intervention

The role of friends and family members before an intervention is to provide the interventionist with as much detailed information as possible. This information will help the professional create a strategy for the intervention, as well as develop a proper treatment plan.

The intervention professional will work with family and other group members to discuss the details of the actual intervention. This will include when and where the intervention will take place, what should be said, who should talk at what times, and all other group intervention techniques.

It is important to include a professional in all intervention scenarios as we are able to provide a unique and unbiased perspective that family members and other support groups will not be able to provide.

We are here to work with you and to let you know that when a person experiencing depressive symptoms faces consequences they are more likely to change their direction. Our goal is not to forcibly place anyone in treatment, we are simply offering them the help they need. We want to give them the choice to better their life or continue to destroy it without the enabling and codependency of family and friends.

Difference Between Substance Use & Mental Health Interventions

The biggest difference between the two styles of interventions is the approach and possibly, the end goal. Both interventions will typically begin with a motivational approach and move into setting boundaries and applying consequences for saying no to treatment. In substance use interventions, the transition from motivation to boundaries and consequences happens sooner.

The goal of a substance use intervention is to have the loved one quickly enter treatment or face the consequences set forth during the intervention. The goal of a mental health intervention is for the motivational approach to last longer and end with an immediate agreement to comply with medication treatment for their depression.

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