Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialists

When your family has reached its bottom due to substance abuse disorders or drug addiction, Drew Horowitz & Associates is here to help. Our intervention professionals are trained in hosting interventions for drug and alcohol abuse, successfully leading to the user choosing to enter addiction treatment programs.

When is an Intervention Needed?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), over 91,000 people died from a drug-involved overdose in 2020 alone. We want to help prevent your family member or loved one become a statistic.

Alcohol and drug abuse affect the entire network of family and friends, not only the user. You may ask yourself when is it necessary to stage a substance abuse intervention. If drugs or alcohol are causing issues within your friend or family member’s relationships, work, or personal safety, it’s time to consult with Drew Horowitz & Associates and discuss interventions for substance abuse clients.

Many people believe they need to wait to stage an intervention when a user has reached “rock bottom.” That is such a subjective term and difficult to define, which is why it’s recommended to schedule an alcohol or drug intervention and intervene before the user’s addiction gets worse. By reaching users early in their addiction, you can help them receive treatment before irreversible damage occurs.

It is common for addicts to deny that their drug or alcohol use is the cause of any difficulties in their life. They will often make other excuses or blame others for their problems, not recognizing that it’s their substance use disorder causing the problems they face.

In these cases, addiction intervention can help break through their denial, leading the user to see that treatment is their best option.

Effectiveness of an Intervention

A successful intervention will be emotional, but in the end, the family will have effectively talked the user into seeking professional treatment for their substance abuse.

Effectively, we conduct counseling interventions for substance abuse or what can be considered group therapy interventions for substance abuse users. The actual intervention will be a conversation based on saving the life of your loved one.

At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we take our job seriously and work with you throughout the entire process to keep everything on track. With the conversation being extremely emotional with real feelings and events involved, it can often turn to negativity. You may want to express how you’ve been hurt by their addiction, but we’ll be there to ensure it stays positive, calm, and effective.

We will prepare you for all outcomes, positive and negative. We will discuss treatment options and what will need to happen if the user chooses not to accept treatment. We will help you find the best possible program for your loved one in case they choose to enter treatment. We will also create a plan of action in case they choose against entering treatment.

Finding an Interventionist

You may think because your loved one is a family member you do not need a professional interventionist to stage an intervention. While this is true, we highly recommend against doing so.

We are trained and skilled at conducting drug and alcohol interventions. We understand the thought process the user has walking into one and what it will take to get them to agree to treatment. We know how to prepare everyone involved for participating in the actual intervention.

We also work with the user to successfully transition them into the treatment program after a successful intervention.

If you have a loved one that is struggling with drug or alcohol use and believe an intervention can help them, contact Drew Horowitz & Associates today.

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