When Is An Intervention Necessary? 3 Signs That It’s Time.

When Is An Intervention Necessary?
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A substance abuse intervention is when family and friends come together with a loved one to offer their love and support to someone in need of help. It can be difficult to realize when is the right time to intervene, but often it’s necessary in order to save a life. Here are three signs that it’s time to help your loved one seek treatment.

#1: A Large Increase in Drug or Alcohol Intake

If your family member or friend is drinking more often and/or in more amounts, or their prescription or illegal drug intake is increasing, it may be a sign you need to stage an intervention.

It’s important to take note of any increase in substance use as it can be a warning sign that your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol. When a person has an alcohol or drug addiction, their body will build up a higher tolerance, forcing the user to increase their intake in order to get high or drunk. This is especially dangerous because it can lead to an overdose or have long-lasting effects on their body and mental health.

#2: Changes in Behavior or Hiding Substance Use

If your loved one has begun acting strangely, and you know that they are using drugs or alcohol, it can be a sign that an addiction is present or they have a substance use disorder.

If they are leaving the house with no explanation, lying to you about where they’re going, hiding their activities, or stealing from you, these can all be signs of a severe addiction problem. Addicts have one thing on their minds: getting high or drunk, and they’ll do whatever it takes to find more of the substance they want.

If the behavior of your loved one has recently changed and become problematic, contact the drug and alcohol intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates. We can help lead a successful intervention and provide the support your family needs.

#3: Denying There Is A Problem

One of the most important indicators that an addiction intervention is necessary is if your loved one is denying their substance use is a problem at all.

There are times when alcohol and drug abuse is affecting the health of your loved one, their performance at work, and their relationships. You can see this and may even have communicated it to them, but they continue to tell say they’re fine and have everything under control.

Many people with addiction problems believe they have it under control but fail to see the negative effects their actions have on those around them. Our family interventions will help them come to understand your feelings surrounding their addiction and help them see the benefits of addiction treatment programs.

Contact Drew Horowitz & Associates ASAP

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction or denying they have an addiction, we can help. The intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates are trained professionals in leading alcohol and drug interventions and have helped many addicts enter treatment centers to receive the long-term help they so desperately need.

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