What Is The Success Rate Of Interventions?

What Is The Success Rate Of Interventions?
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When we first meet with families, a common question we are asked about is our success rate. At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we believe there is more than one definition of a successful intervention.

The first way of thinking is that the individual struggling with addiction or mental health agrees to enter treatment at a prepared treatment center. Our team members work with the families during the intervention process to find the best possible treatment facilities for the individual in question.

According to the Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS), the success rate–as described above–is between 80 and 90 percent. We find that our rate of success for individuals with substance use disorders agreeing to enter treatment is within that range, as well. When we stage an intervention for family members dealing with loved ones abusing drugs or alcohol, we are highly successful in achieving the end goal.

What about the 10-20% that don’t agree to enter treatment at the intervention?

This is another common question we receive from family and friends before holding an intervention. Our data shows that more than half of these individuals do end up seeking treatment after another week or two. Perhaps, they needed it to feel as if it were on their terms or they just needed additional time to accept they needed long-term treatment.

Unfortunately, there is still a small percentage of people struggling with drug addiction or a mental health crisis that needs to experience illness, serious injury, incarceration, or even death before their destructive cycle is broken.

Assisting the addict with entering treatment is only one component of an intervention. During the initial process of meeting with family members and friends, it’s obvious how much pain everyone is in. Throughout the process, the professional interventionists at Drew Horowitz & Associates will provide new tools and strategies to deal with the addict moving forward.

Essentially, whether the addict chooses treatment or not, the lives of those surrounding them are forever changed. The days of enabling and being manipulated are over. When done properly, the success of an intervention is not defined by the decision made by the addict.

If you know someone struggling with their mental health or drugs and alcohol, contact the team of professionals at Drew Horowitz & Associates. We’ll work with you to stage a successful intervention.

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