8 Common Excuses Addicts Give – Drew Horowitz & Associates

8 Common Excuses Addicts Give – Drew Horowitz & Associates
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When hosting a substance abuse intervention, it is common for the addict to give excuses for their addiction. As drug and alcohol intervention specialists, Drew Horowitz & Associates has heard them all from those living with substance use disorders.

Below are 8 common excuses you may also hear from a family member or friend dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction.

“I Can Quit Whenever I Want”

This is probably the most common excuse given by those who abuse drugs or alcohol. They do not believe they are addicts and that they have their “addiction” under control and can stop at any time they please.

If it were truly this simple, intervention professionals, addiction treatment centers, and treatment programs, as well as rehab centers wouldn’t need to exist.

“Compared To Others, I Don’t Have A Problem”

Addicts attract other addicts. And, when addicts are hanging around other addicts, there will be a strong chance that one or more may be in a worse state. But, that does not take away from the fact that they are still an addict with a real alcohol or drug abuse problem.

“I’m Only Hurting Myself”

The user may say it’s their life and they are free to do what they want with it. While this is true, it’s important for them to understand that their actions and behaviors affect family and friends.

“I Deserve A Drink”

After a long day at work or having gone through a stressful event, users believe alcohol or drugs are a reward they’ve achieved. Drugs and alcohol are not meant to be a coping mechanism for life. Plus, as an addict, one drink is never one drink, and drug abusers will often go on benders that last for several days.

“I’m Not That Bad”

Many high-functioning addicts believe that because they can still work or go to school while drinking or doing drugs, they don’t have a problem. Some even believe they function better while drunk or high.

“I’ll Lose My Job”

Addicts believe having a job is the main reason they can’t be addicted. They feel their job makes them better than “junkies” who don’t work and only do drugs. But, in reality, this is just another justification and excuse to continue their addictive behavior.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides employees the time off they need for medical treatment, including addiction treatment. Many addicts know this already but are scared of being “found out” or embarrassed to admit they have a problem and what their coworkers will think of them.

“Treatment Costs Too Much”

This is an ironic excuse since the addict has no issue spending their own money or family’s money on drugs and alcohol, but using that money to improve their health is a cost they can’t justify. It is true that the cost of medical care can seem overwhelming, but the most important thing we have in life is our health and there shouldn’t be a price on that.

There are always affordable options when it comes to addiction and mental health treatment.

“Treatment Doesn’t Work”

Many addicts have either been through rehab before or known someone who went through treatment and still uses. Relapses are very common and that doesn’t mean treatment was a failure. As is true with other chronic illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, relapses are a part of the long-term recovery process for some.

Stop Accepting Excuses

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, it may be time to stage an intervention. The professional interventionists at Drew Horowitz & Associates can help guide you to a successful intervention, leading your loved one to the recovery they deserve.

Accepting excuses is a form of enabling that allows addicts to continue their destructive behavior.

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