Signs Your Teen Is Addicted To Video Games – Video Game Intervention Help

Playing video games is a favorite pastime of teenagers and young adults alike, especially young boys. When it comes to the amount of time playing video and online games, moderation is key. Teenagers are susceptible to becoming addicted, which can lead to dangerous behavior changes.

At Drew Horowitz & Associates, we help plan and execute interventions for kids with addictions to video games to help reduce excessive gaming.

Here are some signs to watch out for when worried your child is addicted to video games.

No Friendships Outside Of Gaming

If your teen has few real-world relationships and often discusses friends they’ve met online through video games, it’s a positive sign of a gaming disorder. When kids are spending too much time playing games, developing real-life friendships becomes difficult.

Exhibiting Aggressive Behavior

Another great sign of addiction is when your teen exhibits aggressive behavior surrounding video games. When you tell them game time is over or they lose a game and respond with verbal or physical aggression, it is time to seek video game addiction treatment.

If your child is expressing physically aggressive behavior, contact the intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates to learn about interventions for video game addicts.

Academic Performance Falters

When a child is addicted to video games, it will consume them, and they will have no interest in their ability to study and get good grades. If they were involved in extracurricular activities outside of school, those will become less important to them. The addict’s attention will remain on their video game and getting better at it, not working toward other goals.

Unable To Quit Playing

As with a drug or alcohol addiction, video game addiction can be recognized when one cannot quit. Your child’s video game addiction can be a way for them to forget about their troubles at school, with family members, and with classmates. If your teen is unable to stop playing video games at any and all hours of the day, it may be time to seek help to break their addiction.

Treat Video Game Addictions With Help From Drew Horowitz & Associates

The highly-trained intervention specialists at Drew Horowitz & Associates have experience helping families get their loved ones the treatment they need. Contact our team today to learn more about the intervention process and get started breaking your child’s video game addiction.

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