Addiction Help Through Family Intervention Services

Similar to the classic invention style, family intervention is a collaborative effort to get a loved one to see addiction treatment.

We understand how difficult it is for loved ones of someone who is struggling with addiction, to confront them and encourage them to seek help. That’s why Drew Horowtiz & Associates has a team of professionals that is always ready to guide you through a family-style intervention.

Family Intervention for individuals that faces substance abuse disorder

What Is A Family-Style Intervention?

A family intervention service is a professional gathering of all the individuals a person who is addicted might care deeply about. While this can certainly include family members, not all attendees need to be blood relatives during this intervention. 

Gathering these individuals in one place to communicate their fears and concerns to a struggling loved one can be a very powerful behavioral health tool. 

This method is built off of family systems theory, which assumes that the way an individual will function relates to how each member of their family relates to them.

Unlike a simple intervention, which involves just one trusted individual to confront an addicted person, meeting with family and close friends can set a more powerful precedent for someone facing severe or longer-term substance abuse problems.

The Benefits 

When a family intervention is successful, it will not only encourage an individual to seek the professional help they need but also stay clean. This improved outcome can also lead to stronger family and friendship bonds and strengthen the individual’s ability to reach out for help in the future. 

For caregivers who found themselves trying to help their loved ones that face substance abuse disorders, this can also lead to a better quality of life and reduced stress going forward. 

Help Is Here With Drew Horowitz & Associates

Trying to stage an intervention alone can feel like an impossible task. Enlisting the help of our full-time, empathetic, and professional family intervention specialists can make this event much easier to handle. 

Not only can we help stage a family or crisis intervention for your loved one, but we can also provide them with treatment plan options and case management services as they go through recovery.

Let us help guide you and your loved one struggling with addiction toward a better path forward. Contact Drew Horowitz & Associates for more information about our simple, classic, and family intervention services.

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